Electrifying your cabinetry: yes it’s a thing

Remember the 1960’s TV show The Jetsons? Flying cars landing at houses that were intuitive and automated. Ok, so we don’t have flying cars (yet), but automation in houses is certainly no longer futuristic, its the norm. And more and more is cabinetry automation.

Messy hands from cooking and you need to open a cupboard? No problem. A quick bump with your hip and presto, your bi-fold pantry door magically opens then soft-closes by itself afterwards without a sound. Noisy slamming of cupboards, drawers and fridges has thankfully moved on as electrical technology in cabinetry keeps upping the bar in its innovation.

Minimalistic, handle-less, well-designed cabinetry is now a key element of a house. While large, grand features are impressive, it’s the mesmerizing automatic opening and closing of an integrated fridge hidden behind flawless cabinetry that will emit a ‘wow’. Electrical bi-fold cabinetry that with a soft press, seamlessly self-folds upwards for conveniently grabbing high placed items without reaching for a handle. And then with a push of a concealed button, quietly and gently self-closes again. The surprisingly handy, easy-open electromechanical drawers that softly close without a peep truly creates a feeling of luxury and ease in the kitchen or laundry. And the trend for these household conveniences keeps growing.

Our clients will often see these features in a friends house and then put them on their own wish-list. The technology fast coming through from our suppliers makes it exciting when crafting a clients dream space to fit their modern lifestyle. A good example of how electrical automation can be used is at the new, architecturally designed Maddren Homes showhome in Kumeu. Take a peek inside the kitchen, the powder room and the laundry and experience the future of beautiful cabinetry automation, today.