Our Process

Our goal is your goal: a successful outcome, the kitchen you’ve always wanted, and a first-class customer experience. To get there, our design and installation service follows a five-part process, in which we keep in contact with you throughout. 

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Our kitchen design and installation process

01 - Design

We would love to hear about your project! Each project is unique, so our qualified in-house designers will work directly with you to create your ideal kitchen. We find face-to-face meetings are the best way to communicate, so we’ll set up an initial meeting to gather your ideas, and then arrange one or more follow-up meetings to present our options and refine the design brief. Here’s how it works. Your contact at Fluid: Design consultant.

1) Before we meet, we ask you to think about what you like. How you assemble your ideas is completely up to you. A ‘vision board’, made up of images of kitchens you love, can help to create the beginnings of your brief.

2) We hold an introductory meeting with you. We’ll get to know you and, through our design survey, find out how you like to use your kitchen and what you want. From the survey notes, we will assemble a design brief that bring your unique vision to life.

3) We meet with you again, this time to present designs and discuss ideas for finishes, materials, hardware and colours. Depending on the scale of your project we may meet two or three times as we refine all the details of the design. After that, we will provide a detailed quote.

4) Once you have accepted the quote, we put together your sign-off pack. As well as the quote, this will include final plans and job specifications, including your appliances, your chosen materials, and all the details down to flooring, sinks, taps and so on. We will review all these details with you, so that you know exactly what you are getting. Once you have signed, your job is handed over to our production team.

02 - Measure

The production process begins with taking measurements. And before assembling your new kitchen, we will measure multiple times. For a new build, measuring takes place after the house frames are up, but with renovations we can start fairly quickly after the designs are signed off. Here’s the procedure. Your contact at Fluid: Production manager.

1) We take measurements of the physical space set aside for your new kitchen. Because accuracy is paramount, we may need to adjust designs according to actual site measurements (and if we do, you will of course be contacted). 

2) We check in with electricians, plumbers, builders and other trades to confirm the finer details. 

3) Once any updates are made to the designs, we will measure the space again, to make sure everything is exact. 

Throughout this process, our production manager will be in regular contact with you.

03 - Manufacture

With the exact specifications measured and confirmed, we’re now into manufacturing your new kitchen. Any items with long lead times will be ordered here; otherwise, your job is now locked in our schedule. Your contact at Fluid: Production manager.

1) With the help of advanced software, the cabinetry is cut out on the latest CNC machines. Our unique mortise-and-tenon system creates strong joints and razor-sharp accuracy.

2) The same team who cut and assemble the parts will then deliver them to the site to ensure their hard work arrives in top condition. 

04 - Installation

Now comes the fun part when we bring your kitchen to life!

1) Our production manager will schedule your new kitchen installation with your builder or site supervisor.

2) Our in-house team of installers will then get to work. Ensuring the kitchen fits neatly into your house is a highly skilled process, so we liaise with other trades to ensure it all goes smoothly.

3) With the core cabinetry installed, our benchtop team visits to conduct the templating: this is to ensure the benchtop is a perfect fit. 

4) We complete the installation. This often requires a number of visits as we make adjustments to hardware and work through final finishings and checks.

05 - Aftercare

Following the installation, we conduct a review and service. We contact you to make sure everything is working as intended, and can send in one of our team to make any necessary adjustments. Your contact at Fluid: Production manager or designer.

We’ll get to know you pretty well over the whole process, so we would love it if your designer could pay a visit to see your beautifully finished space. This is a great chance for us to get feedback about how your space is working and how you found the process, and for us to take some photographs for you.

Our aftercare support doesn’t stop there. With our 10-year warranty, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we will be there in the unlikely event of issues arising.